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To make sure you have a successful waxing experience, please read and follow the instructions below!

WARNING: If you are currently taking any of the following prescription medications, you CANNOT receive a waxing service. You must discontinue use of these medications for a minimum of (3) months prior to waxing. The exception is Accutane: you must be off this medicine treatment course a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing.

  • Accutane (Acne Medicine)

  • Adapalene (Acne Medicine)

  • Alustra (Retin A)

  • Avage (See Tazorac - Acne Medicine)

  • Avita (See Retin A)

  • Differin (Acne Medicine)

  • Isotretinoin (See Accutane)

  • Renova (See Retina A)

  • Retin A (Acne and Anti-aging Medicine)

  • Tazarac (Acne Medicine)

  • Tazarotene (See Tazorac)

  • Tretinoin (See Retin A)


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